Learn About S3P's Smart Profits Partner Program

Smart 3rd Party’s Smart Profits Partner Program

When it comes time to consider a Third-Party Maintenance Provider, it is crucial to carefully analyze your partner options as all TPMs are not the same. Smart 3rd Party is proud to offer a Smart Profits Partner Program that is service-oriented with fair pricing to help you and your business succeed.


Smart Profits Partner Program For TPM

With our Smart Profits Partner Program, it all starts with our tag line, Better Service. Even Better Price. The foundation of S3P’s TPM delivery encompasses a model that excels at delivering exceptional service and a new disruptive supply chain model that enables us to offer the best pricing in the marketplace. Furthermore, at our foundation are four key principles tied to our disruptive supply chain model, Price to Win, Fast Quotes, Great Service, and Flexibility.

As a S3P partner, you will be able to leverage our disruptive supply chain model and our four foundation principles to win more TPM deals. We never compete with you, we are a Pure Play Channel company, and we are a Pure Play TPM, according to Gartner, allowing you to eliminate margin stack.

“I want to thank Smart 3rd Party for being such a fantastic partner. The way you all treat Northland and our customers is beyond anything I have witnessed. I have been told many things by many providers throughout my career that never came to fruition. Not so with S3P. Your team is outstanding and live up to the ‘flexibility’ creed.” –  Jonathan Coleburn, Director of Operations

How Does Smart 3rd Party Stack Up Against OEMs?

Our Partner Guarantee

If you are looking for a TPM to partner with, Smart 3rd Party is your best fit if account control and eliminating margin stacking are important to your organization. We will never have a boiler room of SDRs calling into your base accounts. We don’t sell direct and we don’t sell hardware; in fact, we only sell TPM and only do so through our valued partners.

The S3P Guarantee: We Will Never Sell to Your End Users.

How does it work?

  • You maintain 100% account control
  • We never compete with our partners
  • We don’t sell direct to end users
  • We are a Pure Play TPM according to Gartner
  • We are a Pure Play Channel company
  • We don’t sell hardware
  • We don’t have a boiler room of outbound cold callers aggressively calling into your accounts for TPM

Branding Your TPM

With Smart 3rd Party, you have two alternatives for Branding Your TPM. The first and most popular branding method is Smart Label, white-label TPM. In this capacity, you continue to grow and promote your brand. We are the best and most experienced at delivering Smart Label support. The second alternative is you resell the Smart 3rd Party brand. The choice is yours.

Smart Profits Program Benefits

Smart 3rd Party’s Partner Program benefits are top-notch and include:

  • Industry Leading Pricing Structure
  • Driving Higher Margin
  • Hardware Support Monitoring
  • Technical Sales Assistance
  • MDF Funds Starting at $1M
  • Purchase Volume
  • Portal + ITAM + Monitoring = SV
  • Proven Sales Methodology Training


For additional resources, the Selling 3rd Party Maintenance Playbook will help you find ways to add 3rd Party Maintenance to your arsenal or enhance what you are already doing in this market. They include Advanced Strategies and Tactics of selling TPM, Including the Buyer’s Journey, and Matching Their Journey with Your Sales Process.

Are you ready to learn more about our Smart Profits Partner Program and how it can benefit your business? Contact us today or call us at 800.583.3894.

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