Smart 3rd Party is the Smart Solution for Optimizing Your Hardware Maintenance Spend

S3P is an IT hardware maintenance and support company that provides an alternative to costly manufacturer maintenance. We support your IT assets beyond the OEM warranty or service agreement with third party maintenance, which is a safe, smart, price-minded choice. Smart 3rd Party offers customized solutions to budget-minded decision-makers to extend the life cycle of your hardware while protecting your bottom line.

When speed and skill count, smart 3rd party is there

Storage Maintenance

Knowledge and expertise to meet your tech requirements

We help bridge when your warranty ends

Server Maintenance

First-call resolution and the flexibility to react quickly

Moving your business forward no matter what hits it

Network Maintenance

Rapid mobilization to ensure limited downtime

Expertise of Smart 3rd Party Level 4 Engineers

The key to solving the most complex IT problems is to have a professional Tier 4 SME engineering team. At Smart 3rd Party we have an extensive bench of highly trained, diverse, and talented engineers. Watch the video to learn how our Tier 4 engineers are going above and beyond and going the extra mile to ensure the client’s complete satisfaction.

“Gartner has seen very few customers look to move equipment back to OEM maintenance once it has been moved to a TPM because overall satisfaction with TPMs is good and the savings are dramatic.”

Source: Gartner Market Guide for Data Center and Network Third-Party Hardware Maintenance, Published 29 August 2019


Cisco Networks
Sun Oracle
Juniper Networks

Advanced Strategies and Tactics of Selling Third Party Maintenance Webinar

Partners need a battle plan when they head into the marketplace looking to add new customers as part of a simplified sales process. There are many frustrations that push customers to need third-party maintenance (TPM), and it’s up to partners to help them save money and deliver the best service possible.

Why do businesses need to add TPM? How can partners provide high-end TPM as part of their sales portfolio at an affordable price? Why is Smart 3rd Party the best choice for ensuring TPM is delivered with the best service and flexibility?