When one or more of your servers has a hardware failure, it is imperative to get the failed server back in proper working order. In fact, it typically becomes a top priority. Smart 3rd Party’s server maintenance and support can extend the life of your servers long after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired. It eliminates pain points and helps identify areas where both quality and efficiency can be improved. Instead of paying for costly OEM maintenance that robs your budget, support your servers with Smart 3rd Party’s third-party server support solution.

Learn more about the many benefits we offer through third-party maintenance (TPM), including savings, streamlined support, ease of service, and more.

What Server Maintenance Solutions Can Smart 3rd Party Offer You?

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A substantial decrease in support and maintenance costs – up to 80% on OEM alike contracts.


OEM-class support for all equipment, by extending the life of your servers that continues long after the warranty expires.


A single point of contact for all your servers when hardware support is required.

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Availability 24x7x365 to a robust spare parts inventory, ensuring access to the components required – including End of Service Life (EOSL) technologies.

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An enhanced ROI on your servers hardware investment by extending functioning lives.


We Have Your Back with
Top-Line Escalations Engineers

  • Provided tier 4 customer support for urgent or complex issues beyond standard break/fix issues
  • Focused on solid resolution action plans developed by Tier 4 Engineers
  • OEM class support by former OEM Engineers

And the value will only continue to grow over the course of your servers’ maintenance contract with Smart 3rd Party.

Smart 3rd Party helps clients stay “smart,” giving them the tools, options, planning, support, and consultation to assert the right level of independence from the manufacturers

We’re here for you 24/7 and we’ll never leave you hanging! Here is the full list of all equipment types we can support for your business

We provide server support to these brands


IBM 3rd Party Maintenance

Server Blades

IBM 3rd Party Maintenance
Cicso 3rd Party Support

If your server, storage or networking device develops a problem we’re here to solve it!