Is your business global? So is Smart 3rd Party, and if you require international IT infrastructure maintenance and support, we have you covered. We combine the skills, talent, and resources worldwide to meet your needs, ensuring you are covered no matter where your IT assets are located.

We Offer Best-In-Class Global TPM

At Smart 3rd Party we understand today’s enterprise requires global IT infrastructure, meaning your maintenance and support requirements are 24x7x365 around the globe. Thus, if your infrastructure has assets deployed in Chicago, Frankfurt, London, and Tokyo, you can rest assured Smart 3rd Party has you covered.

Our Smart-Chain supply chain logistics platform, implemented globally, ensures parts arrive when needed. Coupled with our Smart FE Field Engineering platform, your FE will arrive onsite when needed around the globe.

Collaboration Plus A Robust Ecosystem


Field Engineers Worldwide


Strategically Residing in 98 Countries


Parts Logistics Spanning 72 Countries