Selling 3rd Party Maintenance – The Ultimate Playbook – 2nd Edition

Selling 3rd Party Maintenance - The Ultimate Playbook

If you are an IT Sales Professional working primarily with customers and clients who need new and used IT Infrastructure Equipment, you know how competitive the equipment landscape is. You may have dabbled in providing 3rd Party Maintenance directly or indirectly or at least know that there is a market there. Maybe you hear complaints and rants from clients about the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

What I’ve learned is there are two important virtues necessary for making the third party sale: patience and persistence.

You will want to study this book to find ways to add 3rd Party Maintenance to your arsenal or enhance what you are already doing in this market.

What’s Included in the New Edition?

– Advanced Strategies & Tactics of selling TPM

– Including the Buyers Journey

– Plus, Matching Their Journey with Your Sales Process

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