What Should You Choose: NetApp 7-Mode or Clustered Data ONTAP?

NetApp 7-Mode versus cDOT - Should We Move?

Find out the key questions you need to be asking and a course of action that will work for you.

For more than 20 years, the basic operating system for NetApp Enterprise Storage Solutions has been the 7-Mode (also now known as ONTAP Traditional or 7G). About ten years ago, NetApp developed an enhanced version of ONTAP called Clustered Data ONTAP or cDOT. It’s a much more complex operating system, and original versions did not include several functionalities of the tried and true 7-Mode.

What are the risks of staying with 7-Mode for the next several years? What are the rewards?

Is this even a reasonable option? Do you need a more robust storage architecture to meet the needs of your business?

Want to avoid costly upgrades, maintenance problems, and CIO headaches?

This 18-page special report is a must-read.