IDC Analyst Brief 2023

Can working with a Trusted Services Provider Help Address Sustainability Concerns?

Digital-first businesses are focused on continuing to evolve and adapt to new business requirements. For IT organizations, an area of increasing focus is meeting corporate sustainability goals. IDC observes that the growing interest in sustainability is reframing how organizations think about IT asset usage, life-cycle services, and end-of-life disposal practices. Download this Analyst Brief to learn why organizations often rely on a third-party maintainer (TPM) to help with such initiatives; how services provided by TPMs can positively impact sustainability goals; and other benefits of working with a skilled TPM.

At A Glance

  • Key Stats: Nearly 70% of enterprises use a third-party maintainer (TPM).
  • What’s Important: “Better offerings” and “easier to do business with” are the key reasons why enterprises choose to use a TPM.
  • Key Takeaway: TPMs are embracing refurbished assets and a more robust circular economy story to avoid Scope 1-3 emissions.


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