Smart 3rd Party Partner Bill of Rights

As you prepare to exercise your freedom of choice, we wanted to share our Partner Bill of Rights. We, the Stakeholders at Smart 3rd Party, are committed to our Partners’ success in growing their TPM Business. Unlike other TPMs, S3P does not have a direct sales force. Our Partners and our commitment to a channel-only business model is the cornerstone of our success.

Amendment 1: We will never compete with our Partners.

We never compete with you, we are a Pure Play Channel company, and we are a Pure Play TPM, according to Gartner, allowing you to eliminate margin stack. We are not each other’s competitors, we can’t be. We are each other’s support system and we are a team, so a win for one of us is always a win for the other.

Amendment 2: You, our Partner, will always maintain 100% account control.

The first and most popular branding method is Smart Label, white-label TPM. In this capacity, you continue to grow and promote your brand. We are the best and most experienced in delivering Smart Label Support. We have proven over and over that our partner’s business is just as important to us as it is to them. With Smart Label, you could be adding to your bottom line and increase customer loyalty with no investment. The second alternative is you resell Smart 3rd Party branded items.

Amendment 3: We will never sell direct to end-users.

Amendment 4: We will price so you can win in a competitive marketplace.

The foundation of S3P’s TPM delivery encompasses a model that excels at delivering exceptional service and a new disruptive supply chain model that enables us to offer the best pricing in the marketplace. We will set up the opportunity, give you some education about the 3rd party maintenance market, and show you how to go for the gold in building your business around 3rd party maintenance.

The Selling 3rd Party Maintenance Playbook will help you find ways to add 3rd Party to your arsenal or enhance your current standing in this market, including advanced strategies and tactics of selling TPM. Download this book HERE (link).

Amendment 5: We will be transparent with our Partners.

What we want is a great long-term relationship with our Partners that will result in recurring contracts into the future. We all know why trust is paramount in our personal lives, and we have trust and openness within our partnerships.

Amendment 6: We will offer Better Service, including Enhanced Break/Fix.

It all starts with our tagline, Better Service. Even Better Price. Most TPM’s provide Simple Break/Fix Maintenance. At Smart 3rd Party, we go beyond Simple Break/Fix for mainstream servers, storage, and networking. Advanced Tier 4 Engineers that have in-depth knowledge beyond replacing a hard drive, memory, or system board. At Smart 3rd Party, we have the Better Service* you need.

Amendment 7: We will never sell hardware; we are a Gartner Pure Play TPM.

According to Gartner (reference Market Guide 2019), “these independent support providers do not have a secondary hardware business. They may have field engineers, but not all do. Some pure-play TPMs only focus on providing Level 3 support in-house and leverage partners for field engineering. All pure-play TPMs will have technical support staff, though some may leverage a specialized pure-play TPM for certain technologies, particularly enterprise storage. “

Amendment 8: We will never have a boiler room of SDR’s using Zoominfo/Discoverorg calling your accounts.

We don’t sell direct and we don’t sell hardware. In fact, we only sell TPM and only do so through our valued Partners.

It is always good to receive feedback from our Partners:

“I want to thank Smart 3rd Party for being such a fantastic partner. The way you all treat Northland and our customers is beyond anything I have witnessed. I have been told many things by many providers throughout my career that never came to fruition. Not so with S3P. Your team is outstanding and live up to the ‘flexibility’ creed.” – Jonathan Coleburn, Director of Operations

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