Are You A Solutions Provider or VAR?

Are You A Solutions Provider or VAR?

Turbulent times require reliable and consistent partners. And, if you’re an IT equipment reseller or broker of IT infrastructure products or services, you have likely faced the challenge of navigating industries that are suffering, such as restaurants and hospitality, and industries that are thriving, such as healthcare, logistics, real estate, and home delivery.

Third-Party Maintenance (TPM) is increasingly an answer for many end users because they’ve seen the OEMs’ extravagant costs and dictatorial policies. The opportunity to partner with a reliable TPM can save significant time and costs. The questions to ask yourself are, Which TPM is the Best Partner that will be there in these challenging times? Which partner will also walk with us in the coming years to grow our business profitably while delivering on the services our clients are demanding?  

Is the TPM Dedicated to Working with Us for the Long Haul?

Smart 3rd Party has been in this industry from the start and has seen the good and bad.

Some TPMs sell products and services at a high margin, equating to what the OEM would charge.

Some TPMs are actually in competition with you because they try to sell TPM to end-users and/or are in the business of selling enterprise OEM hardware.

From the beginning, Smart 3rd Party was built as a channel-only TPM, which works for our clients and ourselves. We decided from the start we will only work through you, the resellers. Doing so allows us to be pure as we don’t call on end-users or offer them equipment.

We are also a “Pure Play TPM” according to Gartner. Furthermore, we don’t want to confuse the process by competing with you. We know what partners want, and we’ve designed our approach to work for you. Now we’re growing exponentially and are ready to truly partner with organizations like yours.

Our Smart Profits Partner Program Was Built for YOU

The goal must be a program that works for end-users. They are challenged and frustrated by expensive and restrictive OEM maintenance offerings. Plus, they are faced with myriads of vendors seemingly selling the same products and services with margins that inflate the cost and make it so much harder to manage day-to-day business costs effectively.

The bedrock of our Smart Profits Partner Program is that it needs to work for the end user with excellent service delivery and a cost structure that eliminates all the fluff. We also realize that it must work for you, our partner, to be confident in performance that allows good margins for your business. This will work long-term as you continue to enhance and grow your relationship with your customers.

We’ve found that this formula works for us, too. We focus on making the delivery of our services the best for the end-users. And, by working together with value-added resellers, we can all grow faster. That’s why we built our Smart Profits Partner Program.

You Will See Why our Smart Profits Partner Program is Win/Win/Win

We’re very thankful that we’ve grown substantially every year since we started Smart 3rd Party over 15 years ago. This growth has accelerated in recent years, but we’ve built it by attracting the right talent and Investing in our Tier4 SME-level engineering team for all major platforms. While our core office staff is small, our service reach is global.

Why do we do it this way? Because we know the answer is not the bureaucratic management hierarchy. Instead, we focus on excellence in service delivery while achieving the best pricing in the industry.

These are our four promises to you:

  1. Price to Win
  2. Fast Quotes
  3. Great Service
  4. Flexibility

We even have a Partner Bill of Rights.

In the end, it’s all about great pricing and service for the end-users, reliable/predictable profits for you, the value-added reseller, and continuing growth and profits for us. Our model has achieved all three, and it’s truly WIN/WIN/WIN!

Key takeaways:

  • Our turbulent times have end-users either fighting to stay afloat or scrambling to keep up with exponential growth.
  • Both situations offer tremendous opportunities for TPM delivered through smart resellers and brokers.
  • Smart Third Party has the capacity to deliver proprietary services globally with you.
  • The Smart Profits Partner Program offers a turnkey approach to offer your clients peace of mind knowing that service will be excellent.
  • Additionally, you will see profits and margins that are unparalleled in our industry.


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