UPDATED 2nd Edition

Plus Bonus Chapter:
The Ultimate Game Plan to Win 3rd Party

Selling 3rd Party Maintenance - The Ultimate Playbook

“What I’ve learned is there are two important virtues necessary for making the 3rd Party sale: patience and persistence.”

“You will want to study this book to find ways to add 3rd Party Maintenance to your arsenal or enhance what you are already doing in this market.”

If you are an IT Sales Professional working primarily with customers and clients who need new and used IT infrastructure equipment, you know how competitive the landscape is. You may have dabbled in providing Third Party Maintenance (TPM) or at least know that there is a market there. Maybe you’ve heard complaints about costs from clients getting maintenance services from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Or you’re trying to resell their overpriced, bloated and unnecessary OEM maintenance programs. Perhaps, you even have a full-blown 3rd Party Maintenance Program, but find that you are not capitalizing on this growing and lucrative market.

This book is for you!

What’s included in the New Edition?

Advanced Strategies & Tactics of Selling TPM

Including The Buyer’s Journey

Plus, Matching Their Journey with Your Sales Process

About the Author

Ken Peck is the president of Smart 3rd Party, an IT equipment maintenance support company that holds the philosophy that their customers deserve high quality service without the high cost that some companies attach to it.

As a graduate of the University of Alabama with a B.S. in Finance, Peck’s most recent role follow 30 years in IT sales of hardware, software and services for companies such as Unisys, Motorola, London Bridge Group and Syntax where he was consistently a sales leader exceeding quotas.

Ken Peck

What you’ll learn:

Cold Calling

A proven cold calling system – with script included – plus cheat sheets so you can get started today.

6-Figure Deal

The anatomy of a real six figure deal the reduced costs for our client by $1 million.

Qualifying Questions

The qualifying questions that you must ask, plus the #1 question that sets the stage for success that is almost never asked.