Quantum End-of-Service-Life Dates

EOSL is the final phase of a piece of equipment’s lifecycle in the OEM’s book. When Quantum announces hardware EOSL, it means they are no longer selling this hardware and no longer providing maintenance support, which will put your IT budget in a challenging position. But instead of running back to Quantum and spending a great deal of your IT budget on the upgrade, you can turn to a trusted third-party maintenance provider.

Smart 3rd Party delivers support, professional guidance, and repair services to help maintain your Quantum hardware in perfect working condition long after Quantum declares EOSL. By working with Smart 3rdParty, you gain the flexibility required to make upgrades on your own schedule, not when Quantum thinks you should. It is easy to lose track or forget of Quantum EOSL dates. This is where Smart 3rd Party comes in. We keep track of all the latest End of Service Life dates (listed below). Therefore, if you are facing Quantum EOSL conditions, do not be afraid. Fill out the contact us form and we will help you figure it out.

ModelEOSL Date
Scalar i40 Tape Libraries03/31/2022
Scalar i80 Tape Libraries03/31/2022
LTO-4 drives for use with Scalar i50003/31/2022
LTO-4 drives for use with Scalar i600003/31/2022
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