New Analyst Brief Regarding Third-Party Maintenance

The analyst community has not published a report since August 2019. This May 2022 IDC releases a new Analyst Brief by their leading TPM analyst Rob Brothers.

Cut Operational Costs: Use Third-Party Maintenance Providers for Stable Datacenters and Better Digital Transformation

According to IDC, there has been an increase in the propensity of companies to use TPM from 2013 to 2022. Third-party Maintenance providers became a viable alternative for enterprise data center support. Download this brief to find out why companies switch to TPM providers, what are the benefits of making the switch, and what advantages the independent service providers have over OEMs.


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About the Analyst

Rob Brothers, Program Vice President, Datacenter and Support Services

Rob Brothers is a Program Vice President for IDC’s Datacenter and Support Services program, as well as a regular contributor to the Infrastructure Services and Financial Strategies Programs. He focuses on worldwide support and deployment services for hardware and software and provides expert insight and intelligence on how enterprises should be addressing key areas for datacenter transformation and edge deployment and management strategies.

Find Out Inside

Key Stats

Key Stats

The percentage of companies that use a Third-Party Maintenance provider and the percentage of their assets supported by TPMs


What’s Important

How companies rate their satisfaction with TPM on a scale from 1 to 10.

Cost Savings

Key Takeaways

The fundamental questions you need to ask when choosing a TPM provider.