HPE End-of-Service-Life Dates

EOSL is the final phase of a piece of equipment’s lifecycle in the OEM’s book. When HPE announces hardware EOSL, it means they are no longer selling this hardware and no longer providing maintenance support, which will put your IT budget in a challenging position. But instead of running back to Dell and spending a great deal of your IT budget on the upgrade, you can turn to a trusted third-party maintenance provider.

Smart 3rd Party delivers support, professional guidance, and repair services to help maintain your HPE hardware in perfect working condition long after HPE declares EOSL. By working with Smart 3rdParty, you gain the flexibility required to make upgrades on your own schedule, not when HPE thinks you should. It is easy to lose track or forget of HPE EOSL dates. This is where Smart 3rd Party comes in. We keep track of all the latest End of Service Life dates (listed below). Therefore, if you are facing HPE EOSL conditions, do not be afraid. Fill out the contact us form and we will help you figure it out.

ModelEOSL Date
Simplivity 380 Gen 1009/30/2028
MSA 1050 SAN Storage07/31/2028
MSA 2050 SAN Storage07/31/2028
MSA 2052 SAN Storage07/31/2028
3PAR StoreServ 20000 R205/01/2027
3PAR StoreServ 2045005/01/2027
3PAR StoreServ 9000 (9450)05/01/2027
3PAR StoreServ 2080005/01/2027
3PAR StoreServ 2084005/01/2027
3PAR StoreServ 2085005/01/2027
StoreOnce 3620 System04/30/2027
StoreOnce 3640 System04/30/2027
StoreOnce 5200 System04/30/2027
StoreOnce 5250 System04/30/2027
StoreOnce 5650 System04/30/2027
Simplivity 2600 Gen 1003/31/2027
Simplivity 325 Gen 1002/01/2027
D8000 Enclosure11/30/2026
3PAR StoreServ 820008/31/2026
3PAR StoreServ 840008/31/2026
3PAR StoreServ 844008/31/2026
3PAR StoreServ 845008/31/2026
Storage Performance File Controller (Q9D44A06/30/2026
D6020 Enclosure03/31/2026
ConvergedSystem 750 (CS750)01/31/2026
Integrity Superdome 2 CB900s i612/31/2025
Integrity BL 860c i612/31/2025
Integrity BL 870c i612/31/2025
Integrity BL 890c i612/31/2025
Integrity rx2800 i612/31/2025
StoreEasy 100011/30/2025
Storage File Controller (Q9D43A)07/31/2025
MSA 400GB Mixed Use Small Form Factor (SFF) Solid State Drives (SSDs)02/28/2025
MSA 400GB Mixed Use Large Form Factor (LFF) Solid State Drives (SSDs)02/28/2025
2TB 7.2K Small Form Factor (SFF) disk drive02/28/2025
Integrity BLc3000 Enclosure03/31/2024
ConvergedSystem 70001/31/2024
Simplivity 380 Gen 9 Nodes12/31/2023
D2700 Disk Enclosure12/01/2023
Nimble AF100011/02/2023
Nimble AF300011/02/2023
Nimble AF500011/02/2023
Nimble AF700011/02/2023
Nimble AF900011/02/2023
Nimble CS100011/02/2023
Nimble CS1000H11/02/2023
Nimble CS300011/02/2023
Nimble CS500011/02/2023
Nimble CS700011/02/2023
StoreEasy 165010/05/2023
StoreEasy 185010/05/2023
StoreEasy 145009/30/2023
StoreEasy 155009/30/2023
Hyperconverged Simplivity System 25007/31/2023
Hyperconverged Simplivity System 38007/31/2023
Hyper Converged Simplivity System 25007/31/2023
Hyper Converged Simplivity System 38007/31/2023
StoreVirtual 320006/30/2023
Modular Smart Array (MSA) 104004/30/2023
Modular Smart Array (MSA) 204004/30/2023
Modular Smart Array (MSA) 204204/30/2023
Integrity Superdome 2 CB900s i403/31/2023
Integrity BL860c i403/31/2023
Integrity BL870c i403/31/2023
Integrity BL890c i403/31/2023
Integrity rx2800 i403/31/2023
StoreVirtual 413010/31/2022
StoreVirtual 433010/31/2022
StoreVirtual 4330FC10/31/2022
StoreVirtual 433510/31/2022
StoreVirtual 453010/31/2022
StoreVirtual 463010/31/2022
StoreVirtual 473010/31/2022
StoreVirtual 4730FC10/31/2022
3PAR StorServ 720010/31/2022
3PAR StorServ 740010/31/2022
3PAR StorServ 745010/31/2022
3PAR StorServ 7200c10/31/2022
3PAR StorServ 7400c10/31/2022
3PAR StorServ 7440c10/31/2022
3PAR StorServ 7450c10/31/2022
StoreEver ESL G3 Tape Library10/31/2022
Nimble CS30012/31/2021
ProLiant BL420c G811/30/2021
ProLiant BL465 G811/30/2021
ProLiant BL685c G710/01/2021
ProLiant DL320e G8 V210/01/2021
ProLiant DL580 G809/30/2021
ProLiant DL360e G808/16/2021
ProLiant DL380e G808/16/2021
ProLiant DL580 G708/16/2021
ProLiant DL320e G8 V108/16/2021
ProLiant ML350e G8 V208/16/2021
ProLiant ML350p G808/16/2021
ProLiant BL460c G808/02/2021
MSA P2000 G307/31/2021
D2600 Disk Enclosure06/30/2021
ProLiant DL380p G806/30/2021
ProLiant DL360p G806/13/2021
3PAR StoreServ 10000 (formerly known as 3PAR V-Series or 3PAR V-Class)05/31/2021
3PAR StoreServ 10400/V40005/31/2021
3PAR StoreServ 10800/V80005/31/2021
Integrity BL860c i203/31/2021
ConvergedSystem 240-HC01/31/2021
StorageVirtual 242-HC01/31/2021
BL2x220c G612/31/2020
Integrity BL870c i212/31/2020
Integrity BL890c i212/31/2020
Nimble CS21012/31/2019
Nimble CS21512/31/2019
Nimble CS23512/31/2019
Nimble CS50012/31/2019
Nimble CS70012/31/2019
Nimble CS22012/31/2019
Nimble CS24012/31/2019
Nimble CS26012/31/2019
Nimble CS42012/31/2019
Nimble CS44012/31/2019
Nimble CS46012/31/2019
StoreEasy 5000 Storage07/30/2019
Integrity rx2800 i201/31/2019
MPX200 Multifunction Router12/31/2018
ProLiant ML350 G607/31/2018
Lefthand P4300 G204/30/2018
Lefthand P4500 G204/30/2018
ProLiant DL360 G704/30/2018
ProLiant DL380 G704/30/2018
ProLiant DL385 G704/30/2018
ProLiant BL460c G7 Blade02/28/2018
ProLiant BL465c G7 Blade12/31/2017
ProLiant BL490c G7 Blade12/31/2017
3PAR T40010/31/2017
3PAR F40010/31/2017
EVA P6350 2C10D01/31/2017
EVA P6550 2C20D01/31/2017
Integrity RX162001/01/2017
3PAR F2/40011/30/2016
ProLiant BL460c G6 Blade06/30/2016
ProLiant DL360 G604/30/2016
ProLiant DL380 G604/30/2016
ProLiant BL480c G1 Blade03/31/2016
ProLiant BL490c G6 Blade03/31/2016
ProLiant BL495c G5 Blade03/31/2016
ProLiant BL620c G7 Blade03/31/2016
ProLiant BL680c G5 Blade03/31/2016
ProLiant BL680c G7 Blade03/31/2016
Proliant BL685c G1 Blade03/31/2016
Proliant BL685c G5 Blade03/31/2016
Proliant BL685c G6 Blade03/31/2016
Isilon Switch QLOGIC SILVERSTORM 48-PORT DDR IB03/31/2016
Isilon Switch QLOGIC SILVERSTORM 96-PORT DDR IB03/31/2016
ProLiant Blade Centre c-Class c3000 Chassis02/12/2016
ProLiant BL465c G5 Blade12/31/2015
ProLiant BL465c G6 Blade12/31/2015
ProLiant DL385 G612/31/2015
StorageWorks EVA500012/31/2015
ProLiant DL365 G106/01/2015
Isilon IQ9000x05/31/2015
ProLiant ML110 G505/30/2015
ProLiant ML110 G605/30/2015
ProLiant ML110 G705/30/2015
ProLiant ML115 G105/30/2015
ProLiant ML115 G505/30/2015
ProLiant ML150 G205/30/2015
ProLiant ML150 G305/30/2015
Proliant DL165 G503/01/2015
ProLiant DL165 G603/01/2015
Proliant DL165 G703/01/2015
ProLiant DL180 G503/01/2015
ProLiant DL180 G603/01/2015
ProLiant DL185 G503/01/2015
StorageWorks P2000 MSA G302/28/2015
StorageWorks P2000COMBO MSA G302/28/2015
StorageWorks P2000FC MSA G3 Fiber Channel02/28/2015
StorageWorks P2000i10GbE MSA G3 iSCSI02/28/2015
StorageWorks P2000i1Gb MSA G3 iSCSI02/28/2015
StorageWorks P2000SAS MSA G3 SAS 6G02/28/2015
ProLiant DL160 G801/03/2015
ProLiant DL560 G101/01/2015
StorageWorks EVA410012/31/2014
StorageWorks EVA440012/31/2014
StorageWorks EVA610012/31/2014
StorageWorks EVA640012/31/2014
StorageWorks EVA810012/31/2014
StorageWorks EVA840012/31/2014
Storageworks MSA2012/31/2014
StorageWorks MSA2012FC G2 Fibre Channel 12 Bay Array12/31/2014
Storageworks MSA7012/31/2014
ProLiant DL360 G511/30/2014
ProLiant DL380 G511/30/2014
ProLiant ML350 G411/30/2014
ProLiant ML350 G4p11/30/2014
ProLiant ML350 G511/30/2014
ProLiant ML370 G111/30/2014
ProLiant ML370 G211/30/2014
ProLiant ML370 G311/30/2014
ProLiant ML370 G411/30/2014
ProLiant ML370 G511/30/2014
ProLiant ML530 G111/30/2014
ProLiant ML530 G211/30/2014
ProLiant ML570 G111/30/2014
ProLiant ML570 G211/30/2014
ProLiant ML570 G311/30/2014
ProLiant ML570 G411/30/2014
Proliant SE326M111/30/2014
ProLiant BL460c G5 Blade10/31/2014
ProLiant ML150 G508/30/2014
ProLiant ML150 G608/30/2014
ProLiant ML310 G108/30/2014
ProLiant ML310 G208/30/2014
ProLiant ML310 G308/30/2014
ProLiant ML310 G408/30/2014
ProLiant DL385 G506/30/2014
StorageWorks EVA400012/31/2013
StorageWorks EVA600012/31/2013
Storageworks Disk Storage 210012/12/2013
ProLiant BL465c G1 Blade10/31/2013
ProLiant DL385 G209/30/2013
ProLiant DL100 G2 Storage Server02/01/2013
ProLiant DL120 G602/01/2013
ProLiant DL120 G702/01/2013
ProLiant DL140 G102/01/2013
ProLiant BL20p G2 Blade12/31/2012
ProLiant BL20p G3 Blade12/31/2012
Proliant BL20p G4 Blade12/31/2012
ProLiant BL25p G2 Blade12/31/2012
ProLiant BL280c G6 Blade12/31/2012
ProLiant BL2x220c G5 Blade12/31/2012
ProLiant BL45p G1 Blade12/31/2012
ProLiant BL45p G2 Blade12/31/2012
ProLiant BL460c G1 Blade09/19/2012
ProLiant DL320 G106/01/2012
ProLiant DL320 G206/01/2012
ProLiant DL320 G306/01/2012
ProLiant DL320 G406/01/2012
ProLiant DL320 G506/01/2012
ProLiant DL320 G606/01/2012
ProLiant DL560 G106/01/2012
ProLiant DL580 G106/01/2012
ProLiant DL580 G206/01/2012
ProLiant DL580 G306/01/2012
ProLiant DL580 G406/01/2012
ProLiant DL580 G506/01/2012
ProLiant DL585 G106/01/2012
ProLiant DL585 G206/01/2012
ProLiant DL585 G506/01/2012
ProLiant DL585 G606/01/2012
ProLiant DL585 G706/01/2012
ProLiant DL740 G106/01/2012
ProLiant DL760 G106/01/2012
ProLiant DL760 G206/01/2012
ProLiant DL785 G506/01/2012
ProLiant ML110 G106/01/2012
ProLiant ML110 G206/01/2012
ProLiant ML110 G306/01/2012
ProLiant ML110 G406/01/2012
ProLiant BL25p G1 Blade03/31/2012
ProLiant DL380 G402/28/2012
ProLiant DL385 G102/28/2012
ProLiant ML330 G212/31/2011
ProLiant ML330 G312/31/2011
ProLiant ML350 G212/31/2011
ProLiant ML350 G312/31/2011
DEC AlphaServer Model DS20E12/31/2011
ProLiant DL365 G506/14/2011
ProLiant DL360 G403/31/2011
Integrity RX260001/31/2011
Integrity RX266001/31/2011
Integrity RX360001/31/2011
Integrity RX4640 Server01/31/2011
Integrity RX6600 Sever01/31/2011
ProCurve 6120XG Blade Switch Gb Ethernet01/31/2011
ProLiant 160001/31/2011
ProLiant DL140 G212/31/2010
ProLiant DL140 G312/31/2010
ProLiant DL145 G112/31/2010
ProLiant DL145 G212/31/2010
ProLiant DL145 G312/31/2010
ProLiant DL160 G512/31/2010
ProLiant DL160 G612/31/2010
ProLiant DL360 G301/31/2010
ProLiant DL380 G301/31/2010
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