Hitachi End-of-Service-Life Dates

EOSL is the final phase of a piece of equipment’s lifecycle in the OEM’s book. When Hitachi announces hardware EOSL, it means they are no longer selling this hardware and no longer providing maintenance support, which will put your IT budget in the challenging position. But instead of running back to Hitachi and spending a great deal of IT budget on the upgrade, you can turn to the trusted third-party maintenance provider.

Smart 3rd Party delivers support, professional guidance, and repair services to help maintain your Hitachi hardware in perfect working condition long after Hitachi declare EOSL. By working with Smart 3rdParty, you gain the flexibility required to make upgrades on your own schedule, not when Hitachi think you should. It is easy to lose track or forget of Hitachi EOSL dates. This is where Smart 3rd Party comes in. We keep track of all the latest End of Service Life dates (listed below). Therefore, if you are facing Hitachi EOSL condition, do not be afraid. Fill out the contact us form and we will help you figure it out.

ModelEOSL Date
Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) 510009/30/2027
Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) 5100H09/30/2027
Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) 550009/30/2027
Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) 5500H09/30/2027
Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) 5×00 RAID 90009/30/2027
Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) E99009/30/2027
Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) F37009/30/2027
Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) G37009/30/2027
Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) F70009/30/2027
Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) G70009/30/2027
Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) F90009/30/2027
Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) G90009/30/2027
Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) F/Gxx0 HM85009/30/2027
NAS Platform 4060/4080 (HNAS 4060/4080)12/06/2026
NAS Platform 4100 (HNAS 4100)12/06/2026
Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) N40012/31/2025
Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) N60012/31/2025
Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) N80012/31/2025
Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) Nx00 HM80012/31/2025
Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) Nxxx NAS Modules12/31/2025
Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) F150009/30/2025
Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) G150009/30/2025
Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) G20009/30/2024
Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) G40009/30/2024
Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) G60009/30/2024
Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) G80009/30/2024
Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) F40009/30/2024
Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) F60009/30/2024
Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) F80009/30/2024
Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) Fx00 HM80009/30/2024
Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) Gx00 HM80009/30/2024
Compute Blade 500 (CB 500)12/31/2022
Compute Blade 2500 (CB 2500)12/31/2022
Compute Blade 520X B312/31/2022
Compute Blade 520H B412/31/2022
Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) G100006/30/2022
NAS Platform 4040 (HNAS 4040)06/30/2022
Compute Blade 520H B305/28/2022
Compute Blade 520X B205/28/2022
Unified Storage VM (HUS VM) HM70006/30/2021
Unified Storage DF850S06/30/2021
Unified Storage DF850MH06/30/2021
Unified Storage 11006/30/2021
Unified Storage 13006/30/2021
Unified Storage 15006/30/2021
Unified Storage VM06/30/2021
HNAS SMU 40003/31/2021
NAS Platform System Management Unit (HNAS SMU) 40003/30/2021
Compute Blade 520X B1 Blade (with CNA)01/31/2021
Compute Blade 520H B2 Blade (with CNA)01/31/2021
NAS Platform (HNAS) 3080 G112/31/2020
NAS Platform (HNAS) 3090 G112/31/2020
NAS Platform (HNAS) 3080 G212/31/2020
NAS Platform (HNAS) 3090 G212/31/2020
CR 210H10/31/2020
CR 220S10/31/2020
CR 220H10/30/2020
NAS Platform F10/30/2020
VSP RAID 70006/30/2020
Compute Blade 2000 (CB 2000)03/31/2020
Blade Symphony 2000 (BS2000)03/30/2020
X55R3 Blade03/30/2020
X55S Blade03/30/2020
X57A2 Blade03/30/2020
540A A1 Blade01/31/2020
540A A1 Blade (with CNA)01/31/2020
540A A101/19/2020
540A B101/19/2020
520H A107/07/2019
520H B107/07/2019
HNAS SMU 30011/19/2018
HNAS 320011/18/2018
CR 22011/18/2018
AMS 210009/30/2018
AMS 230009/30/2018
AMS 250009/30/2017
Compute Blade 320 (CB 320)05/31/2017
SMU 30011/19/2016
Titan 320011/18/2016
HNAS 310007/05/2016
AMS 20012/01/2015
AMS 50012/01/2015
AMS 100012/01/2015
RS12C RAID Controller and drives10/01/2015
RS12T RAID Controller and drives10/01/2015
RS24C RAID Controller and drives10/01/2015
RS60C RAID Controller and drives10/01/2015
BSD 100009/30/2015
RC12 RAID Controller and Drives12/31/2014
Titan 310107/31/2014
Titan 311007/31/2014
Titan 3101-F07/31/2014
Titan 3110-F07/31/2014
HNAS SMU 20006/30/2014
RC12C RAID Controller and Drives12/31/2013
HNAS 2000 Series12/03/2013
HNAS 210012/03/2013
HNAS 220012/03/2013
NAS Blade for USP07/31/2013
SMS 10006/30/2013
Foundry 8X10G05/31/2013
Fujitsu XG200005/31/2013
RC16TB RAID Controller and drives05/31/2013
RC16SA RAID Controller and drives05/31/2013
DS16EXP Expansion enclosure05/31/2013
SA48 RAID and Expansion enclosures03/31/2013
Thunder 9580 V01/31/2013
Thunder 9585V01/31/2013
Thunder 9520V01/31/2013
Thunder 9570V01/31/2013
Lightning 9970V01/31/2013
Lightning 9980V01/31/2013
SMU 20001/31/2013
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