DELL EMC End-of-Service-Life Dates

EOSL is the final phase of a piece of equipment’s lifecycle in the OEM’s book. When Dell EMC announces hardware EOSL, it means they are no longer selling this hardware and no longer providing maintenance support, which will put your IT budget in a challenging position. But instead of running back to Dell and spending a great deal of your IT budget on the upgrade, you can turn to a trusted third-party maintenance provider.

Smart 3rd Party delivers support, professional guidance, and repair services to help maintain your Dell EMC hardware in perfect working condition long after Dell declares EOSL. By working with Smart 3rdParty, you gain the flexibility required to make upgrades on your own schedule, not when Dell thinks you should. It is easy to lose track or forget of Dell EOSL dates. This is where Smart 3rd Party comes in. We keep track of all the latest End of Service Life dates (listed below). Therefore, if you are facing Dell EMC EOSL condition, do not be afraid. Fill out the contact us form and we will help you figure it out.

ModelEOSL Date
Compellent SCv300008/31/2028
Compellent SCv302008/31/2028
Connectrix – Cisco MDS-9396S06/30/2027
Connectrix – Cisco MDS-9396S-48-I06/30/2027
VPLEX VS201/31/2027
XtremIO X2-R01/31/2027
XtremIO X2-S01/31/2027
XtremIO X2-T01/31/2027
RecoverPoint Gen 6 Server12/31/2026
Symmetrix VMAX 250F09/30/2026
Connectrix – Cisco MDS-970609/30/2026
Connectrix – Cisco MDS-9706 FAB09/30/2026
Connectrix – Cisco MDS-9706 SUP 109/30/2026
Connectrix – Cisco MDS-971009/30/2026
Connectrix – Cisco MDS-9710 FAB09/30/2026
Connectrix – Cisco MDS-9710 SUP 109/30/2026
Connectrix – Cisco MDS-971809/30/2026
Compellent SC502008/31/2026
Compellent SC5020F08/31/2026
Compellent SC7020F08/31/2026
ISILON X21003/31/2026
ISILON Switch Mellanox 18-PORT QDR IB03/31/2026
ISILON Switch Mellanox 18-PORT QDR Upgrade Leaf03/31/2026
ISILON Switch Mellanox 54-PORT 10U QDR03/31/2026
ISILON Switch Mellanox 54-PORT 7U QDR03/31/2026
ISILON Switch Mellanox 8-PORT QDR IB03/31/2026
ISILON Switch Celestica 24-PORT 10Gbe03/21/2026
ISILON Switch Celestica 32-PORT 40Gbe03/21/2026
ISILON Switch Celestica 48-PORT 10Gbe03/21/2026
Connectrix – Cisco MDS-FCOE-970012/31/2025
Connectrix – Cisco MDS-FCOE-971812/31/2025
Data Domain DD680008/31/2025
Data Domain DD930008/31/2025
Data Domain DD980008/31/2025
Connectrix-Brocade DS-6510F-8GB08/31/2025
Unity 30007/31/2025
Unity 350F07/31/2025
Unity 40007/31/2025
Unity 450F07/31/2025
Unity 50007/31/2025
Unity 500 DC07/31/2025
Unity 550F07/31/2025
Unity 550F DC07/31/2025
Unity 60007/31/2025
Unity 600 DC07/31/2025
Unity 650F07/31/2025
Unity 650F DC07/31/2025
Connectrix-Brocade ED-DCX8510-4B07/31/2025
Connectrix – Brocade PBDCX-64P-16G07/31/2025
Connectrix – Brocade PB-DCX-32P16G07/31/2025
Connextrix – Brocade PBDCX32P16GEU07/31/2025
Connectrix – Brocade PB-DCX32P16GU07/31/2025
Connectrix – Brocade PB-DCX32P16GEU07/31/2025
Connectrix – Brocade PB-DCX-64P-16G07/31/2025
Connectrix – Cabinets EC-1700-B07/31/2025
Unity 600F07/31/2025
Unity 500F07/31/2025
Unity 400F07/31/2025
Unity 300F07/31/2025
Data Domain ES30-30 SAS02/28/2025
Connectrix D-Series CNX-S404810/31/2024
Connectrix – Brocade PB-DCX-FX8-2410/31/2024
Connectrix SP-HUB-ETH04/30/2024
ISILON A10002/29/2024
ISILON A100 with 16GB DIMM02/29/2024
Integrated Data Protection Appliance DP530002/29/2024
EqualLogic PS411002/29/2024
EqualLogic PS421002/29/2024
EqualLogic PS-M411002/29/2024
EqualLogic PS610002/29/2024
EqualLogic PS621002/29/2024
EqualLogic PS650002/29/2024
EqualLogic FS7600/761002/29/2024
Data Domain DD220012/31/2023
Compellent SC420F10/31/2023
Disk Library for Mainframe (DLm) DLM2K-GES09/30/2023
Disk Library for Mainframe (DLm) DLM8K-10GES09/30/2023
Disk Library for Mainframe (DLm) DLM8K-GES09/30/2023
VxBlock System 540 with XtremIO 5TB, 10TB, 20TB and 40TB08/31/2023
Compellent NAS-FS860008/31/2023
Connectrix-Brocade DS-6520F-8GB08/31/2023
Connectrix-Brocade PB-DCX-FX8-2408/31/2023
Connectrix-Cisco MDS-SFP-10G-SW06/30/2023
Connectrix-Cisco MDS-SFP-10G-LW06/30/2023
ScaleIO Ready Node06/30/2023
VxRack System SDDC with Dell 13G PowerEdge Nodes06/30/2023
VxRail S47005/31/2023
VxRail V47005/31/2023
VxRail E460/F05/31/2023
Connectrix-Cisco MDS-CWDM-147005/31/2023
Connectrix-Cisco MDS-CWDM-151005/31/2023
Connectrix-Cisco MDS-CWDM-153005/31/2023
Connectrix-Cisco MDS-CWDM-155005/31/2023
Connectrix-Cisco MDS-CWDM-157005/31/2023
Connectrix-Cisco MDS-CWDM-161005/31/2023
VxRack System SDDC with Dell 13G PowerEdge Servers04/30/2023
XtremIO 10TB04/30/2023
XtremIO 20TB04/30/2023
XtremIO 40TB04/30/2023
XtremIO 5TB04/30/2023
Centera Generation 4 LP 12TB03/31/2023
Centera Generation 4 LP 4 TB03/31/2023
Centera Generation 4 LP 8 TB03/31/2023
Converged Technology Extension for Unity Storage 300F, 400F, 500F and 600F01/30/2023
VNX 800001/30/2023
VNX 760001/30/2023
VNX 580001/30/2023
VNX 560001/30/2023
VNX 540001/30/2023
VNX 520001/30/2023
VxBlock 24001/30/2023
VxBlock 350 with Dell EMC Unity 300F, 400F, 500F and 600F01/30/2023
VxRack System FLEX with Dell PowerEdge R630 Hybrid Nodes12/31/2022
VxRack System FLEX with Dell PowerEdge R730 Hybrid Nodes12/31/2022
VxBlock AMP-VX12/04/2022
Data Domain DD250010/31/2022
Data Domain DD420010/31/2022
Data Domain DD450010/31/2022
Data Domain DD720010/31/2022
Data Domain DD950010/31/2022
VxRail Q-chassis 1200PS09/30/2022
VxRail Q-chassis 1200PS1209/30/2022
VxRail Q-chassis 1600PS09/30/2022
VxRail Q-chassis 1600PS1209/30/2022
VxRail G410/F09/30/2022
VxRail 6009/30/2022
VxRail 120/F09/30/2022
VxRail 160/F09/30/2022
VxRail 200/F09/30/2022
VxRail 240F09/30/2022
VxRail 280F09/30/2022
RecoverPoint Gen 5 Server09/30/2022
PowerVault MD128008/31/2022
Vblock System 54006/30/2022
Vblock System 24006/30/2022
Vblock System 34006/30/2022
VxBlock System 34006/30/2022
Vblock System 35006/30/2022
Vblock System 74006/30/2022
VxRack Node Hardware04/30/2022
VxRack System FLEX with Quanta Servers04/30/2022
Connectrix – Cisco MDS-PBF-ADV4804/30/2022
Connectrix – Cisco MDS-SSN-1604/30/2022
CloudArray Appliance CLA-CLDARRHW-80TBU 0303/31/2022
CloudArray Appliance CLA-FCAPPHW-18TBU 0203/31/2022
CloudArray Appliance CLA-FCSAHW-18TBU 0203/31/2022
CloudArray Appliance CLA-FCAHW20-40TBU 0003/31/2022
CloudArray Appliance CLA-FCSAHW-40TBU-0003/31/2022
VxBlock System 350 – Unity Hybrid (300/400/500/600)02/03/2022
VxBlock System 350 Unity AF Gen-2 (350F/450F/550F/650F)02/03/2022
VxBlock System 740 (250F, 950F)02/03/2022
Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) C7012/31/2021
Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) C9012/31/2021
Data Domain ES30-15 SATA09/30/2021
Data Domain ES30-30 SATA09/30/2021
Data Domain ES30-45 SATA09/30/2021
VxBlock System 54008/31/2021
VxBlock System 740 with VMAX 400K03/31/2021
VxBlock System 540 with XtremIO 40G03/31/2021
VxBlock System 740 with VMAX 450F/FX and 850F/FX03/31/2021
VxBlock System 24001/31/2021
VxBlock System 740 with VMAX 100K and 200K01/31/2021
VxBlock System 350 with Dell EMC Unity (300F, 400F, 500F, 600F)01/31/2021
Vblock System 100 BX/DX12/31/2020
Vblock System 720 w/VMAX 10K12/31/2020
Vblock System 720 w/VMAX 40K12/31/2020
Data Domain DD99012/31/2020
Vblock Specilalized Systems for Extreme Applications09/30/2020
Vblock Specialized Systems for Extreme Applications09/30/2020
Data Domain DD16006/30/2020
Vblock System 720 w/VMAX 20K03/31/2020
Vblock System 20012/31/2019
Data Domain DD62012/31/2019
Vblock System 32009/30/2019
PowerVault MD340003/31/2019
PowerVault MD342003/31/2019
PowerVault MD346003/31/2019
PowerVault MD3800F03/31/2019
PowerVault MD3800I03/31/2019
PowerVault MD3820F03/31/2019
PowerVault MD3820I03/31/2019
PowerVault MD3860F03/31/2019
PowerVault MD3860I03/31/2019
Data Domain DD64003/31/2019
Data Domain DD67003/31/2019
Data Domain DD86003/31/2019
Data Domain DD89003/31/2019
PowerVault MD3060E08/31/2017
PowerVault MD326008/31/2017
PowerVault MD3260i08/31/2017
PowerVault MD3660F08/31/2017
PowerVault MD3660I08/31/2017
Data Domain DD14006/30/2017
Data Domain DD61006/30/2017
Data Domain DD63006/30/2017
Data Domain ES2006/30/2017
PowerVault MD3600I10/31/2016
PowerVault MD3620I10/31/2016
Data Domain DD88009/30/2016
Data Domain DD69006/30/2016
Isilon Switch QLOGIC SILVERSTORM 24-PORT DDR IB05/31/2016
Isilon Switch TOPSPIN 48-PORT IB Switch05/31/2016
Isilon Switch TOPSPIN 72-PORT IB Switch05/31/2016
PowerVault MD3600F03/31/2016
PowerVault MD3620F03/31/2016
PowerVault MD120001/31/2016
PowerVault MD122001/31/2016
Data Domain DD66012/31/2015
PowerVault MD320003/31/2015
PowerVault MD3200i03/31/2015
PowerVault MD322003/31/2015
PowerVault MD3220i03/31/2015
Data Domain DD56503/31/2015
Data Domain DD12012/31/2014
Data Domain DD51012/31/2014
Data Domain DD53012/31/2014
Data Domain DD690g09/30/2014
Data Domain DD880g09/30/2014
Data Domain DD58012/31/2013
Data Domain DD580g12/31/2013
Data Domain DD56006/30/2011
Data Domain DD560g06/30/2011
Data Domain DD41011/10/2010
Data Domain DD43011/10/2010
Data Domain DD46011/10/2010
Data Domain DD460g11/10/2010
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