Beyond The Playbook:



Welcome to the frontline of Sales Evolution!

In “Beyond the Playbook”, we’re not just turning the page; we’re revolutionizing your understanding of Third-Party Maintenance (TPM) sales. Dive deep into a universe where the traditional meets the future—a place where tested strategies marry groundbreaking innovations.

Welcome to “Beyond the Playbook,” a game-changing book that redefines Third-Party Maintenance (TPM) sales. Dive into a realm where tradition and innovation converge, unleashing the power of a hybrid approach.

Discover the transformative potential of Account-Based Marketing (ABM) in TPM sales and equip yourself with essential resources to elevate your sales pitch.

Explore the intersection of profitability and sustainability in TPM sales, championing longevity and choice in a world focused on resourcefulness and the Right to Repair movement.

Witness the groundbreaking impact of Chat GPT in sales, revolutionizing your journey.

Learn about indispensable tech tools in the digital sales revolution, and synthesize your knowledge to stay ahead in the ever-evolving TPM sales landscape with “Beyond the Playbook.”

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About the Author

Ken Peck is the President of Smart 3rd Party, a comprehensive Third Party Maintenance (TPM) provider specializing in server, storage, and networking support. Under his adept leadership, Smart 3rd Party has achieved an impressive annual growth rate of 28%. Ken’s guiding principles center around delivering top-tier TPM services by streamlining the complex layers of technical support and optimizing the existing support and maintenance ecosystem. Drawing inspiration from Amazon’s renowned low-cost leadership and commitment to exceptional value and service, Ken is steadfast in his belief that outstanding service can be provided at a more accessible cost.

Boasting a remarkable 30-year tenure in the Information Technology (IT) industry, Ken has consistently demonstrated a track record of excellence in IT sales and management, spanning hardware, software, and services. His journey began at Unisys in 1986, well before Gartner coined the term “Third Party Maintenance” (TPM). During his time at Unisys and later at Motorola, where he was closely associated with Interlogic Trace, an early TPM pioneer, Ken further honed his TPM expertise.

In his role as President of Smart 3rd Party, Ken assumes responsibility for the day-to-day operations of the company. He also plays a pivotal role in formulating and executing go-to-market strategies, sales initiatives, and marketing campaigns. His keen focus remains on delivering unparalleled service and value to customers, simplifying the support and maintenance experience.

Beyond his leadership at Smart 3rd Party, Ken Peck is a published author, having penned “Selling 3rd Party Maintenance: The Ultimate Playbook” and “3rd Party Maintenance: The Ultimate Guide,” both accessible on the company’s website and Amazon. He also dedicates his time as a Board Member of the Service Industry Association (SIA), the preeminent industry association for service and third-party maintenance enterprises.

Ken Peck

What you’ll learn:

Convert to Clustered Data

Deeper Dive into Selling the “Hybrid Solution”

Maintenance and Support

Harness the Power of Analyst Reports and Third-Party Collateral

Factors to Consider

Sustainability, Right to Repair, and TPM Sales Messaging