A Guidebook For IT & Procurement Professionals

By Ken Peck

The Ultimate Guide

Having a hard time keeping your IT maintenance costs in line?

Faced with replacing equipment that seems to be working just fine, but the OEM says they will only support it at an exorbitant cost? Does it seem like the only options you have are take it or leave it?

The fact is, there are two sides to the hardware maintenance coin: the OEM side shows what is often believed to be the safest (and the most familiar) choice, while the TPM side reveals deep cost savings – that are often mistakenly said to come with a risk. But is that reality?

Do you want to know the truth about third-party maintenance and what it can do for your enterprise? This book will tell you everything you need to know to make smart third-party maintenance decisions.

This book is for you!

Inside Third-Party Maintenance: The Ultimate Guide

How TPM became a real maintenance alternative

How to investigate TPM for your business

OEM FUD: Perceived Risk vs. Actual Risk

About the Author

Ken Peck is the president of Smart 3rd Party, an IT equipment maintenance support company that holds the philosophy that their customers deserve high quality service without the high cost that some companies attach to it.

As a graduate of the University of Alabama with a B.S. in Finance, Peck’s most recent role follow 30 years in IT sales of hardware, software and services for companies such as Unisys, Motorola, London Bridge Group and Syntax where he was consistently a sales leader exceeding quotas.

Ken Peck

What you’ll learn:

Understanding what your SLA is actually promising – and what it’s not

How OEMs and TPMs use the IT ecosystem

Real-world examples of how TPM helps IT executives win the costs vs. managing risk battle

Concrete recommendations to help put you in control