Smart Logistics

IT hardware will fail and when it does you need advanced parts replacement  When a device fails we offer world-class parts logistics ensuring you get back to peak operational status.. Our stocking locations are strategically located across the USA with fast access to 32 major US cities and their areas. You should also know that our Smart Logistics team is available 24/7/365.  We are committed to providing quality service and quality tested parts available whenever you require. Smart Logistics is a critical component of our service delivery.

Let’s sum up – our Smart Parts Logistics team provides you with:
•       Access to world class parts logistics
•       Easy and fast delivery to 32 major US Cities and their areas
•       Hours of availability – 24/7/365
•       Smart system to track the progress of your case

Smart 3rd Party is a company with 11 years of experience offering Networking, Storage and Server maintenance and support. Through the feedback we collect from our clients and partners we identify what can be improved and make sure we act on it quickly. We are passionate about what we do – helping businesses cut costs while not affecting the quality of their support. As part of our support and maintenance services, Smart Parts logistics fulfils the values of our company, where we always put the client first. For more information, contact us now.