Smart Hands

Our Smart Hands are represented by our Field Engineers.  They are highly trained professionals in one of three disciplines including Smart Storage FE’s, Smart Server FE’s and Smart Networking FE’s.. Our Smart Hands Team is trained to work closely with our Tier 4 advanced engineering specialists on delivering a complete end-to-end problem resolution.

Like our Smart Parts Logistics, our Field Engineers are strategically located across the USA so that they have fast access to 32 major US cities and their areas. Our Smart Hands Team is available 24/7/365.  We are committed to delivering the right onsite engineer at the right time:
•       Provide Expert Onsite Break Fix
•       Provide Immediate Attention
•       Provide Support 24/7/365
•       Have fast response times to meet  X 4  SLA”s

Smart 3rd Party is a company with 11 years of experience offering Networking, Storage and Server maintenance and support. Through the feedback we collect from our clients and partners we identify what can be improved and make sure we act on it fast. We are passionate about what we do – helping businesses cut costs while not affecting the quality of their end product is key for assisting entire industries to grow and keep the end price reasonable.
As part of our support and maintenance services, Smart Hands fulfils the values of our company, where we always put the client first. For more information, contact us now.